De-mystifying Build v Buy: Pick a solution that cuts the right corners

How did such a critical task become a no-brainer?

What is the ‘Build vs Buy’ conundrum?

  • Adding supplemental or value added services to a core product
  • Making trade-offs in resource allocation
  • Ramping up on non-core competencies

For most fintechs, risk and compliance is one such debatable area, and here’s why:

  • Significant day-zero legal expenditure to be compliant
  • Heavy fines, reputational and regulatory consequences
  • Investment of resources into non-mission critical tasks

Making the case for Fraud/AML (frAML) investment

The true cost of your bets

  1. Storage and infrastructure for in house risk software: Varies, depending on your size and scale.
  1. Full control over risk thresholds: Build your own compliance program according to your unique business cases
A sample True Cost Of Ownership calculation

In other words, a huge investment of time, money and resources.

Optimize your core product, and leave the messy FrAML concerns to the experts

Unit21: No code, efficient risk and compliance




Passionate about building products that matter

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Dhiraj Bhat

Dhiraj Bhat

Passionate about building products that matter

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